It’s nearly time to launch our Two New Hardback Books, and here I am writing the inaugural blog for our updated website!

For months now in our spare time, my amazing partners Karen and Mel and I have been collaborating and achieving in perfect harmony, as we speed towards our new Treehouse at Number 9 reality. Most days I have to pinch myself that ten years on, sometime soon, someone’s child might find a book in the hospital waiting room, or their school library, that celebrates somebody like them.

Finally all the pieces of me have come together. (Although I do find myself inrampant denial of the emotional backlog and have taken to strange behaviours, including eating noodles for breakfast as I type this).

Since Karen and I created our Genies and their world, aside from our families, we have been so fortunate to receive help from many kind people as everything came to life. Mel and Jess supercharged us forwards into our current shape, Elias, Dan and Cord created the App, Ioana built our very first website, Natalie Page made this wonderful updated version, Howard Shooter photographed us, Hilary and Neat PR talked about us, Cause Communications continue to talk about us, Jeans4Genes welcomed us, Camp Simcha recognised us and through the generosity of the Cecil Rosen Foundation we find ourselves here… independently publishing our books ready to send to hospitals, schools and to families around the world.

Finally I get to practice what I have been quietly preaching – celebrate difference, face outwards to the world, and harness the power of stories to remind everyone how to be kind.

Welcome to our new normal, we can’t wait for you to join us on this journey.
Sara xx